Placing a plant in your home is a detail that can make a huge difference in the decor! Natural or artificial, the plants will completely change the   […]

Do you have many drinks and do not know how to organize them in your home? And these drunks do not have to be just alcoholics, it can be coffee, juice, flavored waters and so on. Sometimes the stock grows and along with it a small mess that, if well org   […]

Do you know that comfortable and modern design? Yes, it is exactly the case of this beautiful apartment made by the talented architect Bianca da Hora, with neutral colors but super cool. She used in a clever and harmonic way the shades of gray, burnt ce   […]

If I were not going to starve, I was just going to do a nursery project! It's all so cute and fun it even makes work lighter! And then when you find a project as inspiring as this, we share, almost out of moral obligation. The project is from the girls   […]

Do you know the folks at The Tiny House Company? If you do not know, it is an Australian company founded by two architects, a carpenter and a builder, who specialize in compact and sustainable housing, fully functional and transportable. They offer high   […]