12 eclectic rooms for you that like"floor-to-floor"decoration

Do you know when we see people talking about"real decoration","decoration on the floor"or even"decoration people like us"? For it is, most of the time, these people are talking about the eclectic. After all, it is a style that can be formed by almost everything you have at home. It does not fit into any pattern and is ideal for anyone looking for inspirations to decorate their home, but is left in doubt as they come across dozens of styles and possibilities. So eclecticism is great for being very indecisive! The key word here is freedom of choice, without even rules. Mixing elements of different styles, combining old and new, luxury and trash, is all worth to put together the perfect decoration for you. It is super customizable and is great in telling a part of the story and the experiences of those who live there. So we decided to separate ideas from eclectic rooms so that you can understand that you can start from any starting point and that there is no right or wrong.


Photograph: Gillian Walsworth

Decorating a room with eclectic styling can be a pretty cool task, as the freedom in this style allows you to blend objects, fabrics and whatever else you want. However, it is worth taking some care to ensure that your room (or any other environment) does not become a deposit. Mixing textures and prints can be a great idea. Headboards or bedding with prints and different colors fall just fine. Mixing vintage and modern objects can also be an interesting option. You know that little table you inherited from your grandmother? Now is the time to use it.


Photograph: Nichole Loiacono

Curtains and rugs are also a great choice for eclectic decor as they bring more charm and personality to the environment. Vivid colors on the walls, in contrast to white furniture or totally different tones, can also be used, or rather, white walls contrasting with multicolored objects.


Photograph: Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects


Photograph: Domus Nova

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