15 American kitchens for those who enjoy cooking with friends to be inspired

The American kitchen is one that is not enclosed by walls. It is open and is embedded in a larger organic environment, usually the room. This gives a feeling of spaciousness due to the lack of walls separating the kitchen from the other environments, which makes American cuisine a great option for smaller homes and apartments. On the other hand, this type of kitchen has its flaws and not everyone can adapt to it, because the smell of food will spread more easily around the house. However, for many people, the advantages of this type of kitchen outweigh the disadvantages. If you are one of those people, this post is for you. We separate 15 inspiring images so that no one else has to cook alone while the party happens in the room!


Photograph: Home and Garden Magazine

To help minimize the disadvantages that exist in this type of environment, we have separated 4 tips that can help a lot:

1. A powerful hood. The location may even have good natural ventilation, but investing in a hood with power and enough size so the footage of your space can save your upholstery from the smell of fat. The idea here is a hood with external exhaust fan, not those air filters that sell around...


Photograph: Diego Revollo

2. Dishwashers. Have a dishwasher so the sink does not get full of thing. Organization and sense of cleanliness are key. A deeper bowl can also help you. If the dishwasher is full, arrange objects that did not fit on the first latch into the tub.


Photograph: BRDI

3. Planned closets. In an American kitchen, as we mentioned in the previous item, the organization is essential: it is no use to take care of only dirty dishes. It is worth analyzing the space and the items you already have. Plan cupboards to store utensils (including to hide the dish rack when not in use) and appliances such as blenders and blenders. Cogite inlay the larger appliances like oven, refrigerator, stove and microwave.


Photograph: David Langston-Jones

4. Integrated decoration. Remember that to have an American kitchen, do not just go breaking the walls. You will probably need to redecorate the space so that the look is harmonious. It is essential that colors and coatings talk to the rest of the social areas.


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Photograph: Stadshem


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