15 small American kitchens to inspire you

American kitchens have become more common in some of the newer homes and apartments that have been popping up. And as it is not bounded by walls, it ends up in a larger environment, since it integrates with another room that is usually the room. This is what makes American cuisine a great choice for smaller homes and apartments. On the other hand, this type of kitchen has its flaws and not everyone can adapt to it, because the smell of food will spread more easily throughout the house. However, for many people, the advantages of this type of kitchen outweigh the disadvantages. So we separated 15 inspiring images of small American kitchens so no one else would have to cook alone while the party happens in the living room!

american kitchen-small-01

Photograph: Think D├ęcor

american kitchen-small-02

Photograph: Dar Gitane

american kitchen-small-03

Photograph: Alex Bykov

american kitchen-small-03a

Photograph: Alex Bykov

american kitchen-small-04

Photograph: Scavolini

american kitchen-small-05

Photograph: McKinney York

american kitchen-small-06

Photograph: Iyume

american kitchen-small-07

Photograph: Central

american kitchen-small-08

Photograph: Stadshem

american kitchen-small-09

Photograph: Astrid Sangil


Photograph: Scavolini


Photograph: Vlad Mishin

american kitchen-small-12

Photograph: SWAN Architectes


Photograph: Studio Garneau


Photograph: Red Lily Renovations

american kitchen-small-15

Photograph: Pinterest