A beautiful house-studio all made of concrete blocks

I have to confess that I love blocks of apparent concrete! And you will also fall in love after seeing this WONDERFUL all made in concrete blocks. It is not, however, a simple house, but a house-studio. Written by architect Cristiana Pasquini, from the Group DEA Architecture , the project, located in the city of Presidente Prudente, houses the Group headquarters on the ground floor, and its residence on the upper floor. It was allocated in a land of 7x21m and has 220sqm of built area, distributed in ground floor and upper floor. A massive slab receives the residence and, retracted from the lateral alignment, allows the zenithal illumination to reach the ground floor. On the upper floor, the front and back closure is made with cast elements, cobogos, supported on a metal beam, which makes the building mooring, lighting and cross ventilation. The beam, in the back, is placed below the level of the slab, playing the role of a brise that protects from the sun. At the front, the sun draws the walls with its colored light filtered by the cobogos. A house without a wall or gates is an invitation to the sidewalk!

01-house-atelier-facade-principal-with-cobogós 02-house-atelier-grupo-dea 03-bedroom-couple-with-wall-in-cobogó 04-house-atelier-grupo-dea 05-kitchen-and-dining-room-wall-in-concrete-blocks 06-house-atelier-facade-principal-with-cobogós 07-atelier-wall-in-concrete-blocks 08-ladder-all-in-concrete 09-detail-cobogó-colorido 10-kitchen-and-dining-room-wall-in-concrete-blocks 11-house-atelier-group-of-detail-lighting-zenital 12-kitchen-and-dining-room-wall-in-concrete-blocks 13-link-between-floors 14-atelier-with-garden 15-bathrooms-male-and-female 16-garden-of-atelier 17-opening-main-entrance 18-opening-main-entrance-house-and-atelier 19-floor-ground-floor 20-floor plan-upper 21-cut-longitudinal-design

Photos: DEA Group of Architecture - photographer: Pedro Kok