A beautiful Scandinavian apartment with the elegance of the classic decor

This cozy Scandinavian style apartment is located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. Much of the original charm of the turn-of-the-century building has been preserved, such as the details of the ceiling, hardwood floors and iron heaters. The entrance hall of the apartment appears to be comfortably large, thanks to its white walls and light floor. The living room and kitchen are a charm and leave us jaw dropped. The layout of the kitchen and dining room has been optimized for those who enjoy hosting friends. Opposite the apartment are the bedrooms. The atmosphere of the double room is quiet, cozy and there is enough space to fit a small table and a reading area. The child's bedroom follows the same line as the couple's bedroom, a classic and cozy interior. With just 68m², this beautiful apartment is a source of inspiration for those who like the Scandinavian style, but do not give up the refinement of the classic style.

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Images: Alvhem