A beautiful townhouse with an invested residential program

I have a friend who, since he bought his land, says he wants to build an"inverted house". You have to agree that this is a somewhat peculiar desire, but this project, of the SuperLimão Studio , shows that he is not alone! This sobrado was deteriorated and poorly lit. The project of reforming the house should adapt it to the needs of its future tenant, and for this, the architects decided to reverse the usual order of a residential needs program, so that, at the ground floor, is the private area and, at levels the social area. In addition, the party was set to bring amplitude to the house which was narrow, opening its interior to the street and to the garden in the rear area of ​​the grounds. In order to enjoy that the property was inserted in a wooded area and with open views to the horizon, frames were inserted in the second level, that allow the visual permeability, entrance of natural light and the presence of the tops of the trees in the closed environment. And the result of this peculiar project of reform leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. It's beautiful to die for!


The main gate, facing the street, can be opened in two ways, only for pedestrians or for a motorcycle, since the original entrance of the house has been transformed into a small garage. Next to this environment is the private area consisting of a bedroom, closet and bathroom. The hollow element on the facade, together with the zenith opening created between the bedroom and the bathroom, where there is a small garden, allows not only the entrance of natural light, but also the cross ventilation.


The living room and kitchen are on the upper floor, where there is also a balcony, made of metal floor in order to allow the passage of light to the lower level (bathroom) and which has a micro laundry, which functions as a closet and can be completely closed.

3-room-with-wall-of-brick 4-room-with-wall-of-brick 5-ladder-wood-brick-rustic 6-entry-elements-cast 7-bedroom-suite-with-amazing bathroom 8-little plants in the bathroom 9-bench-bathroom-all-white 10-room-with-colorful-frames-and-pillows 11-frame-colored 12-rooms-intergradas-brick-wall 13-kitchen-american-and-hide-behind-the-laundry 14-kitchen-american-living-room-tv 15-living room balcony

The roof was removed and a wall panel covering was made, which was waterproofed, received a new underlayment and supported by a new structure. This space now functions as a terrace, creating an outdoor living space that previously did not exist.

16-cover-with-plants-view-linda 17-lavabo-under-the-stairs 18-plantas-with-terrace

Photos: SuperLimão - photographer: Maíra Acayaba