A small apartment inspired by a small tree house

Located in the residential neighborhood of Ho Man Tin in Kowloon, Hong Kong, this apartment was designed with a room type a box, which is suspended above the dining room. The small nook has the view of the treetops along the hillside where the condo is located. Under the name of Mini Tree House, the architects of NC Design and Architecture were inspired by the little houses in the tree to create the solution of the project. The original apartment was approximately 34 square meters and with a right foot of 3.05 meters. To maximize functional space by leveraging ceiling height, architects, using a custom two-tier strategy, have created a super cozy sleeping loft, which frees up precious living space.


An existing internal wall has been removed to create a lower level open plan, where are the living room, dining area and kitchen. In the dining room, there is a small staircase that gives access to the bedroom on the upper level, which has enough height for your user to sit upright in bed.

2-room-diner-with-stairs-to-2-pav 3-room-diner-with-stairs-to-2-pav 4-room-dining-with-stairs-to-2-pav 5-room-living-kitchen-american-integrated

This sleeping"box"is all lined with pine trees and seems to float like a tree house above the main level of the apartment. Along the wall strip next to the mattress is a section of glass that allows the sleeper to see the forest outside.

6-bedroom-mezzanine 7-bedroom-mezzanine

Dark blue walls provide a soft contrast to the verdant surroundings that can be seen through the large windows. The outer casing of the bedroom box, which can be seen from the living area, was designed to resemble a network of stacked terracotta tiles.

8-integrated rooms

This Mini Tree House is an example of how even small urban apartments in densely populated cities like Hong Kong can be creatively transformed in order to connect with nature.

9-planta-3d-do-apto 10-plant-apt-34-m2

images: NC Design & Architecture