A small modern apartment with touches of yellow

Undoubtedly, soon enough, we see in this beautiful apartment, designed by the Chinese designer Zyee , that the most attractive piece is the cheerful and modern yellow sofa. If the same couch had been upholstered in white, he would surely be hidden in that small space. The yellow works of art above the sofa fit and complement this decor that brings a lot of the Scandinavian style.


On the opposite side of the sofa, there is a sort of rack / bench below the television which is a charm. The deep natural green of the plants present in the design makes a good contrast to the colors chosen. The combination of colors and leafy shape of the plants also evokes a beach feeling, with yellow representing sand and sunlight against palm trees. The furniture splashed between the two shades remained subtle between gray gray and light wood.


In the neighboring service area, the walls were painted in a deep shade of emerald green. The scheme of this small environment can deal with the darkness of this hue thanks to the very large windows, which give access to natural light. The bathroom countertop and sink are external and are a charm apart. In the whole white kitchen, small dots of color were scattered to continue the theme through the living area. In the dormitory, gold makes the times of yellow. The only touch of color on the bedside shelf is enough.

3-room-tv-detail 4-room-TV-detail 5-TV-detail-living-room 6-balcony-green 7-bathroom countertop detail 8-kitchen-white-small 9-detail-kitchen countertop 10-detail-kitchen countertop 11-bedroom-couple-beautiful 12-bedroom-couple-beautiful 13-bathroom detail 14-bathroom detail

images: zyee z