An apartment that demonstrates how to make the most of a small space

This small apartment is a great example of how to enjoy a small space. With only 37m² and a very well planned layout, its interior looks much larger than it really is. The large windows help even more, leaving the place more light and airy. Having a cleaner decoration and without much information helps a lot, as well as choosing furniture in appropriate scale and nice design. The word that defines this small apartment is"lagom,"a Swedish word that means"just the right amount - not much, not too little." The popular glass partition, besides beautiful gives even more fluidity to the small space, does not it? Not to mention the beautiful color palette, which makes the place a beautiful and serene home.

1-room-small-cozy 2-room-small-cozy 3-cocina-americana-beautiful-and-glass-partition 4-bedroom-small-green-moss-cozy 5-bedroom-small-green-moss-cozy 6-room-dining-table-small-black-chairs 7-kitchens-beautiful-with-countertop 8-detail-kitchen-american-beautiful 9-kitchens-beautiful-with-countertop 10-bathroom-simple-small-and-fluffy 11-plant-apt-37-m-2

images: Magnusson