An industrial style apartment and very cozy

The project of this apartment aims at the industrial style, but without losing the coziness of a house. Other requirements of the young couple who owned the residence were not laying plaster lining and a very high right foot. And from these requests, the architects of the Brief Architecture they thought of a large plant with light colors, neutral coatings and some splashes of color. Environments with little furniture, leaving the plant as free as possible but without losing the charm. A mix between the industrial style and the Scandinavian's warmth gave this project a unique identity.


At the plant, the major intervention occurred in the bathrooms and kitchen area. In the original plan, where there was only one bathroom, a toilet was built and the bathroom of the suite, also using the dependence of service. Already in the kitchen, the architects preferred to leave it a little wider and with a bench in burnt cement picking up three walls, making a U. On the wall dividing the room, a window was opened, integrating and unifying with the dining table. In the room, a concrete bench taking up almost the entire length of the wall, gives the industrial charm to the environment. This same bench turns rack, shelf and shelf, organizing some books. The galvanized conduits in the ceiling replace the need for the plaster lining and leave the environment much cooler!

2-room-modern-white-and-gray 3-room-dining-pendant-kitchen-open 4-children's corner-in-the-room 5-room dining-pendant 6-bench-simple-bathroom 7-room-modern-floor-taco-concrete-conduit-galvanized 8-kitchen-open-bench-in-concrete-refrigerator-black 9-kitchen-open-bench-in-concrete-subway-tile 9-kitchen-detail 10-children's corner-in-the-room 11-room-child-simple-clean 12-room-detail 13-room-detail 14-children's corner-in-the-room 15-room-dining-pendant-kitchen-open 16-room-modern-floor-taco-concrete-conduit-galvanized 17-room-child-simple-clean 18-bathroom-gray-and-concrete 19-balcony-with-little-plants-and-cute 20-detail-room-child-simple-clean 21-niche-rack-detail 22-room-modern-floor-taco-concrete-conduit-galvanized 23-passage 24-room-detail 25-passes 26-planta-apto-120m2

images: Brief Architecture - Photography Mariana Orsi