Decorated and well-planned 37 square meters apartment

Whether in large, privileged spaces or in small environments, one of the most significant trends in a design project is the use of creativity, multifunctionality, natural lighting and colors to take advantage of and value each corner of the house. And in this small apartment, which only has 37sqm, is no different. Two concepts were the starting points for this decoration project: minimalism and timelessness. Here, black and white plays a key role. The dividing wall between the kitchen and the bedroom was a shade of blue, which gave a special charm to the environment. The room, although small, had space (in the corner) for a small home-office. And the bathroom, though simple, is pretty cool. The solution of using different colors on the floor and the wall gave a special charm!

1-kitchen-modern-black-with-counter-of-reception 2-kitchen-modern-black-with-counter-desk 3-cocina-americana-sala-com-cantinho-home-office 4-partition kitchen 5-detail-kitchen-cooktop 6-room-tv-integrated-kitchen 7-room-with-home-office 8-bedroom-small-clean 9-room-modern-with-balcony 10-room-modern-with-balcony 11-balcony-wooden-floor 12-room-modern-with-balcony 13-bathroom-floor-black-white-wall 14-apartment-entrance

images: Bjurfors