Apartment of (almost) one bedroom - part I

This time the inspiration for our decoration project came from the floor of a rather peculiar apartment. He is almost a One bedroom apartment Just or almost a Loft , This just depends on the point of view. It has a limited space, without doors, or anything, that for us served as a room, after we put a curtain to give privacy.

The following pictures show the apartment as a whole.


In this image you can see a piece of the counter that delimits the kitchen space (which has a particularity that will be treated in another post), the dining table, the computer table and the sofa.


Here we already see our semi-room, the entrance hall, where the closet is, and the furniture behind the sofa that helps to delimit the room in two environments.


In this image, the integration of the kitchen with the rest of the apartment Becomes much clearer.


And finally, the bedroom , With a detail on the bedside wall, the side lamps and the curtain to give a little privacy.