Apartment with black and white decor super chic and sophisticated

The classic black and white is powerful by itself, this is undeniable. However, this decor may have a more contemporary, vintage or more upscale tone, which is the case in this apartment. The modernity of this decoration is emphasized by the paintings, potted plants and decorative items that make references to the Scandinavian style, which is super modern and cozy! The kitchen and bathroom are an attraction to share: gorgeous to die for! With gold metals that make everything so chic!

1-kitchen-american-black-and-white-small 2-room-modern-and-chic-black-and-white

3-balcony-chairs-vintage-rustica 4-room-modern-and-black-and-white-and-white 5-kitchen-american-black-and-white-small 6-room-modern-and-black-and-white-and-white 7-room-dining-beautiful-with-mirror-round 8-room-dining-beautiful-with-mirror-round 9-bedroom-with-wall-gray 10-room-with-wall-gray 11-room-with-wall-gray 12-kitchen-american-black-and-white-gold-faucet 13-bathroom-beautiful-chic-brass-metals 14-hall-of-entry-with-closet 15-plant-apt-45m2

images: Svensk Fastighetsförmedlings