Apartment with blue decor and touches of gold

O blue is a romantic, delicate color that inspires tranquility. Gilded has the undeniable ability to add a touch of sophistication and glamor to any place. If the idea is to bet on sophistication, this combination can be a great way to dare and this beautiful apartment is a great example of this. He treats this color combination subtly, however, the effect is quite striking. We can see this quite clearly in the living room and in the bedroom, while in the kitchen the blue is no longer so deep and it has a grayish tone that still works very well with the golden knobs. A small apartment, full of personality and inspiration to admire!

1-room-suite-small-blue-and-gold 2-room-suite-small-blue-and-gold 3-room-suite-small-blue-and-gold 4-balcony-small-with-table-and-chairs 5-cocina-americana-azul-azulada 6-cocina-americana-azul-azulada 7-detail-kitchen-and-dining-table 8-cocina-americana-azul-azulada 9-hall-and-circulation 10-bedroom-bedside-blue 11-bathroom-small-and-fluffy 12-plant-apt-small

images: Bjurfors