Apartment with decoration that highlights a charming red sofa

These apartments that are in the attics of old buildings, after being renovated, always result in an incredible decoration! This one here is no different. It has an element that made me sigh: the red couch! Without wanting to disparage the rest of the decor, which is truly amazing, but the sofa shows a lot of personality! The kitchen, then, without speaking: passionate. However, the red couch was what won my heart and made me want to share it with everyone. Is not that an incredible detail? For small apartments is a great solution to fill the space without needing much effort, The grace here is to use the part as a focal point of the environment.

1-kitchen-american-gray-leather-puller 2-Kitchen-American-Gray-Pull-Leather-Dining-Room 3-detail-kitchen-american-gray-leather-handle 4-kitchen-american-gray-leather-puller 5-Kitchen-American-Gray-Pull-Leather-Dining-Room 6-kitchen-american-gray-leather-pull-dining-room 7-incredible-sofa-red 8-red sofa-incredible 9-bedroom-cozy-kitnet 10-circulation-kitnet 11-bathroom-beautiful-marble 12-bathroom-beautiful-marble detail 13-planta-apto-40m²

images: Hatz & Partners