Apartment with young and uncluttered decoration

This apartment of only 70 square meters, designed by the staff of the Semerene Architecture Interior , is situated in a newly built building in a new district of Brasilia. The aim of the project, according to the architect Clarice Semerene, was to align the need of the residents, a young couple, for fluid spaces, open to multiple uses and at the same time translate the lifestyle and personal preferences of the residents. Originally, the property was distributed in well-defined environments, with walls separating the living room, kitchen, service area, two suites and a toilet in the social area. Therefore, the architect prioritized free, multifunctional and integrated areas, adaptable to different everyday scenarios.


At the entrance of the apartment, it is clear that the barriers between the TV room, dining room, kitchen and service area have been eliminated. A single element divides the space, embraces the kitchen island and becomes the heart of the project, which is the metallic structure of it all.


The kitchen and service area had their functions reduced to just the essentials. The service area, embedded in the closet, is easily camouflaged and converted into a back panel for the dining room.

3-american-kitchen-with-island-and-chairs-charles-eames 4-shelf-partition-between-living-room-and-kitchen 5-door-panel-home-office

The home-office works as a reversible environment through a sliding panel, which makes the space flexible and integrable when needed.

6-door-panel-home-office-closed 7-area-of-service-built-open 8-area-of-service-built-in-closed

In the closet, the aluminum sliding door and translucent glass, broadens and gives light to the environment.

9-bedroom-main-closet-open 10-bedroom-main-closet-closed 11-bathroom-1-floor-stamped 12-bathroom-2-floor-stamped 13-home-office-guest-room 14-elevations 15-elevations 16-floor layout-apt-70m2

Photos: Semerene Architecture - Joana France
plants: ArchDaily