Author: Ashley Garcia

Who never left without knowing what to do with a lot of old books that are there, occupying a mega space inside your closet, or on your shelf, but q   […]

Are you reminded of our post about the tables made with books? For here comes another idea that we found in Freshome. In fact who had this idei   […]

Say what you want, but do not get tired of the sofas and small tables of pallets that we see it crooked and right in the decoration sites. Not only the sofas and me   […]

No furniture translates masculinity as well as a beautiful armchair, Charles Eames. Do not ask why, but just keep an eye on her, you, probably   […]

It's pretty cool when someone can find an alternate use for an object. Wonderful ideas have already appeared here in the blog, like the table of books,   […]

Christmas is already there, knocking at our door. The malls are already adorned and in some shops on the streets, as on March 25 in São Paulo, the staff is   […]

Usually we use the kitchen so much that we end up being forced to keep it almost always clean, do not we? But in this day-to-day run we always end up neglecting a place here and there. It is as they say out there: what the eyes do not see, the heart doe   […]