Author: Sylvia Henry

One more good idea that we think is worth scattering around. We found this on Pinterest. Yes, we can use chairs for many other purposes alé   […]

Nothing like a colored wall to give life to an environment, does not it? Be it exaggerated or more modest: the taste is of the customer. How about a little kitchen with this cheerful spirit?   […]

Few decorating tricks are as simple and as effective as layered rugs. They bring subtle depth to the environment, delimit the space, and although not the first thing that catches your attention (depending on the color), they impact, once noticed. Sisal   […]

This interesting table, created by designer Bernard Vuarnesson, is a very useful piece of furniture for those who need to enjoy small spaces. With few   […]

Who has never had a problem trying to organize books on shelves or shelves? As they have different sizes it is difficult to find a legal provision   […]

Does your house have a long room and are you looking for some tips to decorate it in the best way? Today's post was made from the request of one of our beds   […]

Well, for those who do not know, the great Chico Buarque studied architecture. And if you have been, or are, a student of architecture, you will find more than   […]