Beautiful, airy residence with lots of green space (get ready to die of envy)

Get ready psychologically to feel a lot of envy! We are talking about a house so beautiful, but so beautiful, that I do not even know how to add more adjectives to this project, done by the architect Paloma Siqueira , who hit home in every detail of this house.


The architect planned everything, including the insertion of the house on the ground, as she made a careful study of local bioclimatic characteristics, such as sunshine, shadows of neighboring buildings and ventilation. Thus, Paloma sought to condition the residence naturally, knowing where to locate the openings and sunscreens. To meet customer requests, which demanded an airy design with a lot of green area, the volume of the main façade does not exceed two floors, leaving the third facing only the back of the land, which is by far my favorite facade. In addition, the use of grills at the gates allow a continuous and fluid view of the garden that extends over the entire length of the land.


The interiors of the rooms were thought from the outside to the inside, as if the windows were pictures that frame the view of the garden. The openings are large, but are protected in some cases to control the incidence of sunlight.

3-facade-back-home-modern-incredible 4-facade-modern-home-incredible

On the ground floor are the social area and the service area of ​​the house. It has a large entrance hall with toilet in the front, followed by the circulation (gallery in the plant) glazed in all the side, arriving to the integrated kitchen and to the living and dining rooms, also integrated. In front of the kitchen, there is a deck, covered by a pergola next to a discreet barbecue, which is part of the side facade.

5-rooms-integrated-living-dining 6-rooms-integrated-living-dining 7-rooms-integrated-living-dining 8-living-room-with-fireplace 9-kitchen-beautiful-wood-cement-burnt 10-balcony-of-kitchen

Already on the first floor there is a mezzanine facing the living room, where the family room (home-theater) is located. There are also the bedrooms, being three suites. On this floor, there was a landscaped roof that, besides improving the thermal insulation of the dorms, acts as a beautiful terrace for the main suite on the second floor.

11-tv-room-white-with-shelf 12-facade-modern-home-incredible 13-room-balcony

In addition to the master suite, the second floor has an integrated living room, office and closet, which are connected to the garden deck. The room had a nice balcony that overlooks the back of the grounds, preserving the intimacy of the couple.

14-room-intima-linda 15-beautiful terrace 16-bathroom-with-bath-beautiful-to-die 17-ground-plant 18-floor-1st floor 19-floor-2-floor

Photos: Paloma Siqueira - Photograph: Ana Mello