Beautiful house built on terrain with accentuated gradient

This house, located in the interior of São Paulo, in Cajamar, is an office project ARKITI . The terrain has a very steep gradient, of which the architects have taken great advantage. The house is kind of suspended, so it was christened Casa da Árvore. The idea has always been to maintain the connection between the interior and exterior, after all, the nature of the surroundings is very generous. The house is divided into two blocks on different levels. The concrete has a striking presence, which gives a modern and industrial look to its interior. The decor is colorful and cheerful, especially in the kitchen area, where vibrant colors have been used more intensely, such as the beautiful turquoise blue of the metal staircase. Large glass windows allow the entrance of natural light, as well as privilege the residents with the sensational sight of the place!

1-house-nature-cement-blocks 2-block-of-cement-and-deck-suspended 3-facade-main-house-cement-blocks 4-facade-main-house-cement-blocks 5-mirror-water-in-the-entrance 6-mirror-water-in-the-entrance 7-terrace-with-wood floor 8-deck-wooden-suspended-body-guard-metal 9-balcony-annex-kitchen 10-entry-floor-cement-burnt-walls-in-cement-blocks 11-interior-concrete-staircase-metal-turquoise 12-decoration-modern-and-colorful 13-living-room-furniture-colorful-and-many-pictures 14-kitchen-american-with-island-and-furniture-colorful 15-room-integrated-kitchen-american 16-room-for-child-simple-and-cute 17-bathroom-with-finish-stamping 18-floor-ground-floor 19-floor-upper-terrace 20-floor-ground-bottom-patio 21-cut-design

images: Arktito - Pictures Vivi Spaco