Black Cube House, the incredible renovation that transformed a simple house into a modern building

This project, signed by the Polish Kameleonlab , Is the result of a renovation in a typical Polish house from the 70's. The house was initially small and had two floors. The goal was to almost double the useful area of ​​the property. At the end of the renovation, the little cubby-like little house became a majestic black cube. The house grew in two directions, to one side and into the garden, making room for the living room, downstairs, and a suite upstairs.


Privacy was a very important item to consider in retirement. Because the site is located in an area of ​​high population density, the front and side facades have as few openings as possible. Therefore, the lack of natural lighting at the front of the house is offset by some skylights on the roof and large glass vents on the back façade, illuminating the living room, hallways and staircase.

1-facade-rear-house-modern-reform 2-facade-rear-house-modern-reform

The layout of the house was reorganized in order to divide and separate different zones of use. The ground floor has a free and flowing plant and is dedicated to family and friends, while on the upper floor is the private area of ​​the rooms.


One of the important aspects of this project was to create a subtle transition between the indoor environment and the garden. A steel structure permeates the entire balcony and holds the suite of the house. The balcony allowed the transition between the internal and external space of the room to be the way customers wanted it. It ends up serving as an extension of the room, where glass doors can be opened when convenient.

4-facade-rear-house-modern-apparent-structure 5-frontage-front-house-modern-reform 6-facade-front-modern-house-underground-garage 7-facade-front-house-modern-reform 8-facade-front-house-modern-reform 9-facade-rear-house-modern-reform-lit 10-facade-rear-house-modern-reform-lit 11-room-decor-minimalist 12-lighting-natural-skylight 13-circulation-decor-minimalist 14-room-decor-minimalist 15-room-decor-minimalist 16-detail-ladder 17-plant-house

images: Kameleonlab.