Carpet Decoration

Few decorating tricks are as simple and as effective as layered rugs . They bring a subtle depth to the environment, delimit the space and, although not the first thing that catches your attention (depending on the color), they impact, once noticed. Sisal carpets, or any natural fiber, are usually the background perfect for receiving another rug on top, but do not be afraid to dare and mix different patterns, textures and colors.

Carpet Decoration

O look most common we find is that of animal skin - false or not - on a larger carpet of sisal or raffia. This ends up giving a different attention to the skin rug which, in addition to regularizing its edges, also helps in marking the space. It's a neutral choice.

Carpet Decoration 1

Is your goal to complement the environment or draw attention to a specific point? Rugs can also help with this task. They can highlight a room or an object that is in it, such as a coffee table or the colorful sofa cushions, for example. They can also give that up in a dull room.

Carpet Decoration 2

And you know when you have a rug that you like a lot, but is it too small for your living room? No problem. Buy a larger, neutral rug, and use your rug over the new one. On the other hand, if you have this same size problem but do not make a point of highlighting your small carpet, use several carpets together until you cover the area you want. This gives a different and modern look to your environment!

Carpet Decoration 3

Colorful carpets and different prints do not make much of your style? Why do not you use similar carpets? Carpets of the same material or similar tones work super well together.

Carpet Decoration 4

The examples continue to mix prints, colors and shapes that sometimes create a cheerful atmosphere and, at other times, give a somewhat bohemian air. However, it is worth remembering that carpets can make the environment a little more dusty, depending on the frequency of your cleaning, but much more cozy and romantic!

Images of the sites: Apartment Therapy , Homedit , ElleDecor and Pinterest .