Charming kitnet of only 20 square meters

It seems very little, does not it? But the fact is that 20 square feet may be all you need to live well. The proof of this is this beautiful kitnet, which has a well laid out layout and super cozy decoration. Without a doubt, it will be a source of inspiration for those who think they have no room for anything. It also shows us how a clear and airy environment appears broad. Solutions like the American kitchen and the table of meals that opens and closes can help a lot in the questions amplitude and organization. Light furniture and monochrome walls with color dots here and there are infallible methods for a beautiful, simple and very cozy decoration.

1-apartment-small-room-charming-kitchen-american 2-apartment-small-living-room-charming-kitchen-american 3-apartment-small-living-room-charming-open-table 4-apartment-small-room-charming-table-closed 5-cocina-americana-clean-e-linda 6-bedroom-small-and-cozy 7-bedroom-to-living room 8-cocina-americana-clean-e-linda 9-cocina-americana-clean-e-linda 10-bathroom-white-clean 11-bathroom-white-clean 12-plant-apt-20m2

Images: Svenska Mäklarhuset