Contemporary Breathtaking Home

This house, inspired by the architecture of the 60's, is located in a neighborhood called Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City. It was designed in April of 2016 by the architect José Juan Rivera JJRR / architecture . The house uses interesting materials in its construction, such as volcanic rocks, concrete and steel. The property has many accesses to the gardens, as well as to the terrace. These accesses are designed to create fluid interiors and plenty of natural light. At the entrance, there is a beautiful and contemporary water mirror that served as the base for a modern sculpture made of volcanic rock. In the dining room, sliding doors integrate the entire interior to the outside garden, with no bulkhead. From the tv room, all lined with beautiful wood paneling, you can see the outside area through the dining room. The decor, although somewhat dark and retro, is softened by natural light, an advantage that is used to the maximum in each room, since most of them have glass doors that connect to the outside.


2-home-contemporary-concrete-and-plants-lighting 3-entrance-mirror-wall-wall-concrete 4-garden-mirror-dagua-contemporary-house 5-input-mirror-water-wall-concrete 6-contemporary-home-concrete-and-plants-balcony 7-room-wood-panel 8-floor-house-contemporary-house 9-floor-house-contemporary-pav-superior 10-cut-house-contemporary

images: JJRR / Architecture