Decorating idea for a barbecue that divides space with the service area

And if the space for your barbecue is small, what to do? We came back another project and we gave a stir in the barbecue of our reader, Cristiane. She sent an email to people with plans, photos and asking for help for her space. But what is the particularity of space this time? Well, Cristiane told us that she does not have a very large barbecue space and she still needs to split this space with the service area. So the main idea here was to disguise the part of the service area and value the part of the leisure, trying to increase a little of the area covered so that it can get more people to the barbecue and more comfort.


In the photos she sent us, we can see the main features of the place, such as the positioning of the tank and washing machine. We can see the finishes of the barbecue, number of cabinets, colors, in short, a space as a whole, which complements very well everything she described in the email sent.

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And before we started our conversation here, Cristiane had said that the dream of her husband's husband was to have a wood oven in that space. And however small that furnace might be, for a nice solution, we would need to make a revolution there in the space of it. Change place water point, equipment installation, outlet, drain, that is, the biggest break-breaker... Is it impossible to do? Of course not, but our idea here is to get away from this headache, interfering as little as possible in the structure of the environment and yet making it legal, useful and functional.

Our proposal


As the idea was to disguise the part of the laundry, we started with the tank, changing the traditional model that it has for a more modern model and to be built. So we extended the stone and put the new tank there. We coated the whole barbecue with a porcelain tile that imitates wood and we made a frame in the mouth with the same granite used in the workbench, trying to make it more modern and integrated to the new environment.


We took advantage of part of the closet that she had, which was on the washing machine, and we changed it of wall, placing it just above the table. We complement with shelves until the end, where she can put glasses, bottles and have there a little corner with a kind of bar. Even filling the tank with ice to support the drinks on party day can be a super cool idea.


To conceal the washing machine and to replace the larger cabinet she had there, we proposed a masonry cabinet with hollowed out elements and Venetian doors to aid in the ventilation of the equipment. And different from the existing, we do not go up this cupboard very much so we can put pots there with ornamental plants or even spices that are very useful to enjoy cooking.


As they enjoy receiving friends at home for a barbecue, a great solution for those who do not have much space available are the folding tables and chairs. You can go unfolding and placing it on demand. Party's over? Fold everything and end poop. Free space again. However, it is worth remembering that to do this right, you need a place to store these tables and chairs while they are not in use. That corner there that we have with the construction of the washer cabinet is perfect for that.


Finally, to increase the area covered, we suggest a metal structure that will fit just below the roof edge to put these retractable roofs. Can be awning, fabric or solar screen. The important thing here is that it has this versatility to open or close as the need of the moment.


Remember that if you want to participate, just send us photos and a plan with the basic measures of some environment that you think deserves a deal. If you are chosen, we will talk a little bit to see if anything more specific is needed. So, we'll put together a redesign project for your environment. The e-mail for you to do all this is [email protected]

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