Decorating idea for long room and a little narrow

We came back, again (or would it finally be?), With another video of living room , the preferred environment of our readers. This time, our help goes into a long, narrow room. From the photos that the reader sent us, we see that her room has almost nothing, just a sofa, the TV and two small armchairs. She asked us for a two room room where we could watch TV and meet friends. Knowing this, let's take a look at the proposal we made for her?

The idea of ​​the project is to give an organized in the room that, today, is practically empty. The purpose was to divide the room into two environments, one to watch TV and the other to receive friends. In this transformation, we chose the use of textures and inks. In addition to proposing a renovation of the existing furniture, we have chosen some new furniture planned for the space. The decor follows a palette of neutral colors, but fun and modern.

Or before

The room, although narrow, has plenty of potential. The floor is fine and the environment needs a new paint. Let's change the fabrics of existing furniture to make them more modern.

1-room-long-before 2-room-long before 3-room-long before

The after

We kept the existing layout with only a few adjustments. We chose this way to avoid major inconveniences, such as changing the TV from the wall. This way, we also took advantage of the sofa she already had, because it is the ideal size for the position in which it is. We just decided to change the fabric.


We have proposed a panel with a very simple rack, with two built-in poufs that can serve as a table, footrest or even more seats, if necessary.


We split the living room with a piece of furniture that hides the back of the sofa. We put in this furniture, besides decorative objects, a corner of the cafe, which is a great option for those who like to receive friends at home for a chat. You can exchange this little corner for a small bar, if you prefer, use glasses and bowls combined with bottles instead of cups and coffee maker.


We kept the little packs, just touching the fabric. We suggest another small sofa with a more modern look. As a coffee table, a bit out of place, we suggest a wooden bench. Part of it serves as support and, in another part, we put a futon to have another place to sit.


If you want to participate in our videos, just send us an email with photos and a plan with the basic measures of the environment that you want to change or improve. If you are chosen, we will talk a little bit to understand your demands. So, we'll put together a redesign project for your environment. The e-mail for you to do all this is [email protected]

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