Decoration: 3 things you can overdo in size and one that does not

It is in proportion to the error number 1 that people commit when the subject is decoration. After all, it takes a certain training and experience to design an all-proportional environment where things fit and have their place. But if you do not have this experience and can not hire a professional, you can keep in mind these 4 tips that we will go through to try to minimize the error.

What you need not be afraid to exaggerate

Great parts usually come with great prices, but we are looking for proportion. We are creating priorities. So if you need to put money together to buy right, put money together.

1. Carpets


Photograph: Cynthia Lynn Photography


Photograph: Jay Jeffers

Carpets Large are not cheap, we already know this, but it is preferable you do not buy to acquire a sub-sized carpet. Go with the dimensions you checked and do not buy smaller because it is cheaper.

2. Frames


Photograph: Lindsay Pennington Inc


Photograph: Morrison Dilworth + Walls

If you like frames, a tip that can help you a lot when choosing a certain size is the"0.57". How it works? See the free length of wall you have. Understand free the smooth wall, no door in the middle, window or shelf, none of it. Take the length of this wall and multiply by 0.57, the result will be the length of your frame. An example: you have a free wall of 2.00m. Multiplying 2 by 0.57, we have 1.14m, which is the space that you should occupy with a single quadron or with a Together .

3. Pending


Photograph: Mode: lina architekci


Photograph: Cornerstone Architects

How many times have we seen there chandeliers and pendants too small for the surface they are illuminating? That is, people tend to buy smaller fixtures for fear of light dim the view and forget that they have the choice of buying bulbs with varying wattages. Another option, rather than a larger one, is to place several smaller luminaires in sequence.

What you need to be afraid of overdoing

Unless you prefer a cluttered looking environment, for this piece, bigger is not always synonymous with better.

1. Sofas


Photograph: Alvhem

8-leather sofa-room

Photograph: HAO Design

There must be room for movement between the furniture in your room. The decorative result will be better and practical too, meaning a small room needs a small couch! There is nothing more ugly and uncomfortable than a very large sofa for the space you have. These tips on here Can help you in this task of choosing the sofa.