Did you stain your rug? Solve this problem with carpet overlays

Stains on large rugs can be a major headache and recently this problem happened to me. The whole story begins with me wiping a dog vomit right in the middle of my living room rug... It was not the first time I had to clean up such an accident on my rug, but I do not know what I did wrong this time, because I ended up leaving a HUGE stain right in the middle of the room. There's no way I can not see, she gives me 'hi' every day. The carpet occupies the whole room, is very large, which means that playing that out and buying another is not an option. And if I have this problem, you may have too, and our solution lies in knowing how to overlay carpets!


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See other advantages in the use of overlapping rugs

1. It makes the look of your environment much more modern and fun.
2. It may be much cheaper to buy two smaller rugs instead of a big rug.


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3. They help to delimit spaces if you live in a house or apartment of free plan.
4. If you move house and your carpet does not fit in the new room, you do not need to throw that out, you can buy a neutral carpet, cheaper to down.


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5. You can make a joke with different shapes and textures to make your environment more modern and cozy.
6. You can use colored rugs and create a new focal point for your environment.


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7. It is a versatile technique that can be used in rooms, bedrooms, home-offices;
8. It combines with all types of decoration, just know how to combine colors and textures.


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8-room-with-different-overlapping rugs

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But how to combine these colors and textures?

1. Natural fiber mats, like sisal, are great bases and can basically get anything on top. They are usually neutral, so there is no mistake.


Photograph: Arlyn Hernandez - Apartment Therapy

2. You can use irregularly shaped carpets over a regular rug, this leaves your surroundings a little more interesting, different and with a rustic footprint.


Photograph: Arlyn Hernandez - Apartment Therapy

3. Do you know that incredible rug you found on a trip that suits your room, but is it a bit small for her? Place it on top of a sisal rug with geometric prints.


Photograph: Arlyn Hernandez - Apartment Therapy

4. Is color missing in your environment? You can bet on a colorful carpet on top of what already exists! You will give a new face to the environment without making too much effort!


Photograph: Arlyn Hernandez - Apartment Therapy

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