Gorgeous, modern apartment that uses and abuses burnt cement

With 96 square meters of built area, this apartment is intended for a young family with 2 small children. They still receive constant visits from another 12-year-old and as they also like to receive other visits, it was necessary for the project to provide accommodation for up to 6 people simultaneously. It is a dynamic family with very active life, practice many sports and all this the people of the Geometrium DSGN needed to take into account to make this reform project that explores the modernity of the burnt cement.


In the social area, there are kitchen (American), TV room and dining room and an area with cabinets, since in the private area there was little space for this. The bathrooms are set aside for the private area, however, they are located at the very beginning, very close to the door that gives access to this area, which does not influence much in this type of organization.


The requirements for the project were:

1) create an open, wide, and pleasant space;
2) be as minimal as possible, without losing the comfort item;
3) use different materials and textures to give personality to the space.

The concept of it all was based on 3 colors: white, black / gray and wood. This combination extends throughout the house, and the texture of burnt cement appears in various environments. There is one small exception, the children's room, where we can also see the blue.

3-room-of-modern-TV-with-cement-burnt 4-room-tv-modern-with-cement-burnt 5-room-tv-and-dinner-with-cement-burnt 6-kitchen-american-small 7-room-tv-and-dinner-with-cement-burnt 8-kitchen-american-small 9-living-room-of-modern-with-cement-burnt 10-rooms-integrated-to-kitchen 11-room-tv-and-dinner-with-cement-burnt 12-room-double-cement-burnt-wood 13-bedroom-toddler-fluffy 14-bedroom-toddler-fluffy 15-bedroom-toddler-fluffy 16-bedroom-toddler-fluffy 17-sink-modern-wood 18-lavabo-modern-wood 19-circulation 20-bathroom-light-modern 21-bathroom-light-modern 22-planta-apto-96m2

images: Geometrium DSGN