House of 53 square meters with rustic and cozy decoration

This small townhouse of only 53m², located in the hinterland of Sweden, is surprisingly cozy. The decoration stands out for the choice of materials and furniture, which are simple and chosen to create a dialogue with the surrounding landscape. there is the predominance of natural light which brings the feeling of warmth and serenity. The pale wood floors, almost white and the neutral colors of the furniture could create an impersonal atmosphere, but with some decoration tricks the result is unpretentious and very cozy. The plant pots, scattered in all corners, combine with the rug and fabrics, as well as the curtain, creating a set that harmonizes with the rusticity of the surroundings, but without leaving aside the identity of the resident.

1-room-dining-kitchen-american-rustic-and-cozy 2-room-living-room-with-fireplace 3-cocina-americana-branco-e-linda 4-living-room-cozy 5-living-room-cozy 6-details-door-of-entry-and-stairs 7-bathroom-suite-with-bath 8-suite-wood-lining 9-room-in-room-bed-and-breakfast 10-bedroom-with-wood-tilted lining 11-bedroom-details-cute-of-the-child 12-room-in-bed-and-breakfast 13-deck-external-wood

images: Bjurfors