House with 64 square meters and an exquisite wooden deck

It's because of projects like this that I feel like running away from here and living in Sweden. I'm crazy? I fell in love with this 64-square-foot house with a neat deck! At these times we see that you do not really need much space to live well, do you agree? Although small, the rooms and kitchen, as they are integrated, are very spacious and super well lit, which helps even more in this sense of breadth. The decor is simple, beautiful and super cozy. In the main body of the house, there is only one bedroom, but in that adjoining hut there is one more bedroom and a more beautiful bathroom than the master! And the deck that surrounds the whole house? Yes, we must die of envy.

1-small-house-with-huge-wood-deck 2-small-house-with-huge-wooden-deck

3-kitchen-american-white-and-chic 4-rooms-integrated-to-kitchen 5-circulation 6-bathroom-with-machine-wash-and-dry 7-kitchen-american-white-and-chic 8-kitchen-american-white-and-chic 9-rooms-integrated-to-kitchen 10-rooms-integrated-to-kitchen 11-rooms-integrated-to-kitchen 12-bedroom-with-bedside-in-capitone 13-room-no-wardrobe 14-home-with-wood-deck 15-home-with-wood-deck 16-room-decor-minimalist 17-bathroom-white-with-mirror-round 18-small-house-with-huge-wood-deck 19-floor-house-64m2