How to decorate long room

Does your house have a long room and are you looking for some tips to decorate it in the best way? Today's post was made from the request of one of our readers, who is making some changes in the house. It has a long room for two environments and our suggestions will be of great help to others who are looking for tips on how to decorate a long room and adjust it overall.

Long rooms usually cause that hallway feeling, because the dimensions of their sides are very different. They can also cause the sensation of narrowness, even if they are not really narrow. The narrower the room, the worse the circulation, but we will see how to minimize these problems.

1. Integrated environments

A cool tip to minimize the hallway feel of your living room is to integrate environments: make one environment talk to the other. Avoid viewing obstructors such as screens or bookcases that cross your room (use these artifacts only if this is your intention, divide environments). Using very distinctive materials in different environments can make things a little heavy. But you also do not have to use the same thing at all and leave everything in place, otherwise you run the risk of leaving the environment very annoying. Be sensible.

long room-01

This is a project that we developed and it is easier to visualize some concepts. We use light materials and with light and natural colors, that talk to each other and give coherence to the environment. The color of the room stayed for the details and decorative objects.

2. Delimiting Environments

Delimiting environments, in this case, does not necessarily mean separating or dividing them. Even because we've talked about integration, have not we? Elements that delimit spaces, such as carpets, lighting, details on the ceiling or walls help to lessen the hallway feel. When you delimit the spaces, for example, TV room and dining room, the amplitude of the look diminishes, because you pay attention in one room and then in the other. Carpets fulfill this role brilliantly.

long room-02

In our room, this problem is somewhat less because there is that little tooth between the rooms. It is not a huge, linear rectangle. But even so, we use the carpets and colors on the walls to strengthen this feature of the room, and that these artifacts help to make the environment more cozy.

3. Clear colors

Is your environment small? Bet on the light colors. Leave the highlight colors for the details. Dark colors tend to shrink your environment and this works not only for narrow environments, but for all formats. Clear and translucent furniture also reduces the feeling of confinement. Another thing that helps a lot, if your environment is small, is a mirror. It greatly enlarges the room and helps in lighting.


We chose the lighter and softer colors to avoid the room getting heavy, thus leaving the room more comfortable. The furniture follows the clean line, nothing too far-fetched, and the dining table is translucent, to give more fluidity to the environment. The colors that break the monotony are in the pillows, books and objects of decoration.

4. Side tables

Coffee tables are very beautiful and useful, is not it? They complement the decor and give tchan in the room. But what if your room is narrow? Instead of a useful piece, you'll end up with an obstacle for you to jump right into the middle of your room. Go from side tables! They may not call the same attention as a coffee table, but they are very useful and have their charm.

long room-04

Here, too, to avoid disturbing the passage, we opted for a side table. In this plan, the TV room has a particularity, it is in a passage area, but without heavy traffic, because only those who leave or arrive at home pass, which helps to minimize the problem.

5. Big side, big decoration

Have you ever heard that big people should wear big accessories? If they use the little ones they end up looking bigger. In your room the principle is the same. On large sides, go great decoration. It may be a picture, a panel, mirrors whatever comes to your mind. Enjoy the colors on the larger sides as well, if your will is a more colorful room.

long room-05

The illuminated panel that we put in the room occupies the largest wall that the room had available. He was treated so that it had impact and subtlety at the same time that would help to delimit the space of the dining room.

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