14 ideas to keep your drinks in style

Do you have many drinks and do not know how to organize them in your home? And these drunks do not have to be just alcoholics, it can be coffee, juice, flavored waters and so on. Sometimes the stock grows and along with it a small mess that, if well organized, can create a beautiful focal point in the decoration of the house. And so we've gathered some inspirations for you to find the one that suits you the most, whether it's your little corner or not!

Photograph: Emma Fiala-Apartment Therapy

In this option, we see an IKEA bookcase that was turned over and were pinned toothpicks! It was cute and super organized, right?!

Photograph: Emma Fiala-Apartment Therapy

These DIY trolleys are also cute and serve for bottled drinks, coffee, tea, etc, etc., etc. Oh and still worth saying that if you click on link there of the photo, it directs you to the blog where you have the DIY of this cart!

Photograph: Fresh Mommy Blog

A simple little dresser! Serves for small corners and places. Note that he added a bowl holder, which looked great! In the photo link, you will also find the steps of reforming that dresser.

Photograph: Lifestyle 365

And nothing's fairer than using a cute tea cart!

Photograph: White Dog Vintage

Another option for small spaces are the shelves. You can add a bowl holder and treat yourself!

Photograph: IHeart Organizing

Does it have a shelf? Can not you use a shelf? No problem, right?! You can lean on some furniture. There in the link of this image you have the DIY of this beautiful support!

Photograph: I Spy DIY

Or you can face this other DIY!

Photograph: Kristin Mansky to Cambria Wines

Another bottle holder that can also be made. This one is with leather straps and copper pipes.

Photograph: Cameron Oden for eHow.com

Another very good option is an air locker.

Photograph: Mandi Johnson for A Beautiful Mess

And finally, the minibar is also a great place to get our drinks together! Especially if your fridge is as elegant as this.

Photograph: ctrl + curate

We saw this post in the Apartment Therapy .