15 fun and creative kid rooms to inspire you

I think I already said that here, but it is a fact that the children's room decoration is one of the most fun times when we plan or repaginate a home. Not to mention that depending on the age of your children, they can help you choose themes, furniture and accessories for your own rooms. After all, children deserve a little corner of theirs. The rule here is to stimulate children's creativity and provide fun times. Moreover, there are no strict rules at the time of decorating, think of the feelings that the environment will convey, take into account the child's daily life and preferences. And with that in mind, we separated 15 beautiful rooms for modern and super fun babies and toddlers, each in his own way and in his own way!

1-bedroom-montessorian-fun 1b-bedroom-montessorian-fun

Photograph: PBK Architecture

Notice that it is worth using and abusing colors, but that should not always be the rule! Colors are well-behaved in every way, both in excess and in moderation!


Photograph: Diego Revollo


Photograph: Gabriela Marques


Photograph: Mooui Blog

13-bedroom-child-color-light-with-touches of color

Photograph: Covadongas Canova


Photograph: Two Bedroom Architecture

12th-baby-boy room 12b-bedroom-baby boy

Photograph: Lu Boschi Interior Design


Photograph: Gabriela Marques


Photograph: Uebaa Design


Photograph: Carol Miluzzi


Photograph: Proa Architects


Photograph: Asenne Architecture


Photograph: Valentina's house


Photograph: Jujuzozo Decor for Kids


Photograph: Asenne Architecture