A beautiful and modern duplex with OSB lined walls

Alternative materials, used as a coating, are always a great outlet for anyone who wants or likes something different. My favorites are the OSB and galvanized tile . In addition to cheap and easy to find materials, both OSB and tile, are super practical and easy to install. And the 2L Architecture used the OSB in this beautiful and special way! The walls dividing the kitchen and laundry room were tiled, which gave a whole special charm in the integration of these environments, as well as the wall behind the TV. Cladding the common walls with panels of OSB is a good request to give the environments a touch uncluttered and at the same time contemporary.


It is worth remembering that the OSB, besides being quite versatile, has many advantages:

- is made from reforestation wood, therefore, has a lower environmental impact;
- has a very interesting rustic look;
- its production process makes it have good physical-mechanical resistance, so it is quite durable;
- it is cheaper, compared to other wood derivatives (while a 12mm OSB sheet rotates around R, MDF or plywood costs from R);
- good thermoacoustic insulation.

2-bed-room-detail 3-detail-mobile-back-of-sofa 4-modern kitchen-OSB-table-yellow 5-room-and-kitchen-integrated 6-kitchen-modern-OSB-table-yellow 7-room-double-minimalist 8-bedroom-double-minimalist 9-details-living-room-and-kitchen 10-bathroom-bedroom details 11-details-room-and-kitchen 12-room-and-kitchen-integrated A beautiful and modern duplex with OSB lined walls

Photos: 2L Architecture