A beautiful apê that explores the brick, the wood and the white

You know that mantra that we have already tired of talking about here: neutral colors, light background and touches of color? Because the Architect Carmen Zaccaro managed to take this mantra to another level, with this beautiful apartment that is in Rio de Janeiro! With 120m², the residence is a nest of coziness, but without ceasing to be modern and portray the personality of the owners. Tailor-made joinery was fundamental to the project because it was with her that the architect was able to bring functionality and a sense of warmth to all the environments of the apartment. From the living room to the bathrooms, not to mention the toilet, which is AMAZING! In the decoration, the neutral base in addition to maintaining the profile of the design, allowed points of color that brought a modern and jovial touch. Impossible not to fall in love with this design

1-room-light-brick-well-lit 2-detail-room-armchair-and-stool 3-room-tv-integrated-with-dinner 4-room-tv-integrated-with-dinner 5-room-detail-of-center 6-detail-side table 7-room-dining-beautiful 8-room-dining-beautiful 9-lavabo-madeira-e-azul-incredible 10-kitchen-white-gray-and-black 11-room-breakfast-details-yellow 12-home-office-with-sofa 13-home-office-with-sofa 14-bedroom-couple-neutral-colors-and-cute 15-bedroom-couple-neutral-colors-and-cute 16-bedroom-couple-colors-neutral-and-cute 17-bathroom-beautiful-cozy 18-bedroom-beautiful-with-tons-woody 19-bathroom-white-and-gray

Photos: Carmem Zaccaro Architecture