A beautiful house with a belvedere that takes advantage of the incredible view of the surroundings

This beautiful FGMF Architects has a façade that distorts everything in its surroundings, almost"spartan"at first sight. I confess it took me a little while to get used to it, but then I was ready to pack my things and move there! The entrance of the house is beautiful to die for and already prepares you for what you will find, a living room integrated to the kitchen through small walkways, followed by the pool, gazebo and the view. By the way, what a view! This view justifies any transparency used on any of the façades. In addition to this whole glass, the residence has all the primary steel structure against concrete slabs and was divided as follows: ground floor (kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, living room, gourmet balcony, pool and gazebo), upper gardens) and lower (home theater, cellar, living room and office with balcony).


The Casa Mirante has strong modernist roots, such as the intensive use of brise-soleil, plants and concrete, but proposes relationships with the view, nature. It was made for a young couple with small children and is located in a condominium in Aldeia da Serra, near São Paulo.


With an incredible metallic structure and concrete slabs resting on it, the fences are mainly tempered glass magnifying the importance of the structure. This conception, almost organic, guarantees illumination and a close relation with the nature of the surroundings. On the sides, vertical"blinds"with variable spacing appear that act as an envelope for the building, acting as a filter between the external and the internal.

3-room-wall-cement-burnt-rug-geometric-modern 4-rooms-integrated-living-dining-concrete-metal-and-wood 5-facade-lateral-trees-and-grates 6-facade-side-arvores-e-grades-e-deck 7-entry-with-plants-glass-and-wood 8-view-of-living-room-pool 9-detail-fireplace-in-room 10-facade-side-grades-and-deck 11-detail-lookout 12-entry-with-plants-glass-and-wood 13-detail-pool 14-detail-garden-of-winter-ladder-concrete 15-detail-garden-of-winter-ladder-concrete 16-view-incredible-deck-pool 17-facade-back-with-pool-lighted 18-view-general-house-and-surroundings 19-facade-back-beautiful-and-modern 20-detail-pool

seen in: Dwell - photos: Rafaela Netto and Renato Caiuby