A modern apartment in shades of blue and gray

It is no longer a secret to anyone how great is the solution of creating a neutral background without many combinations of color and"giving life"to it with a piece of furniture here, a picture there, a carpet there, it is not truth? And for you who have understood this and like this most modern footprint, this apartment, created by the staff of the Chuck Architecture + Interiors , is a great example of that with just different shades of gray, black and light brushstrokes of color, create spaces modern, wonderful and very cozy.


Besides the beautiful color palette, this bundle is also full of great solutions for small spaces that you can replicate there. THE kitchen , integrated with the living room, leaves the room wider and brighter. The texturase colors used at specific points help to give interest and unity to this whole integrated environment. And speaking of integration, in the kitchen, a shelf has been designed for books and decorative objects, which, although not something so common, is an example that can work and look great! The brick wall with earthy tones contrasts very well with the light woody floor and the lacquered blue table gives the whole look of the environment. Next to the kitchen, a mirrored door hides the laundry, bringing a touch of lightness and modernity to the dining area and helping to give more space. Finally, in the bedroom, the bed that sits on top of a stage, besides leaving the space more modern and interesting, helps to enjoy the space, freeing place for drawers!

2-room-apartment-with-integrated-gray-blue-mirrors 3-room-apartment-with-integrated-rooms-gray-blue-brick 4-apartment-with-ambiences-integrated-gray-blue-brick 5-room-tv-modern-rug-geometric 6-apartment-small-integrated 7-cocina-americana-com-ilha-e-copa-de-techo 8-apartment-small-integrated 9-bathroom-black-with-pebbles-in-the-box-wall 10-bench-blue-lavabo-linda

Photos: Chuck Architecture + Interiors