A small house on wheels with low cost and high level design

Do you know the The Tiny House Company ? If you do not know, it is an Australian company founded by two architects, a carpenter and a builder, who specialize in compact and sustainable housing, fully functional and transportable. They offer high-level design and construction in an affordable and low impact range. Inherently flexible, small homes cater for a variety of short- or long-term applications: the possibilities are endless! And among its projects and products, we find the SWALLOWTAIL .


Acasa has a"butterfly wing"roof that creates a unique and modern atmosphere. On the fa├žade were used wood screen, canvas coating and corrugated cardboard that provide, according to its creators, a modern form with a typical Australian palette of materials. At approximately 7 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, the house was designed to grow. Complements are available to give the house more outdoor space including awnings, a deck and a sort of bay windown can be installed as well. Its open, minimalist floor plan keeps things looking neat and clean. The windows and doors are positioned not only to maximize the breeze and natural light but to create enough space for people to add shelves and storage as they grow with the house.


There is a sleeper sofa built into the main floor and the mezzanine, which has a built-in and suspended ladder, can be used for a single mattress or even storage. The kitchen space has a large countertop, a four burner stove, a small oven, sink and a small table. And if you think that this type of housing can be uncomfortable and hot, know that the house is designed to withstand extreme climates and even"cyclonic"wind conditions. Basic models of the house are sold from US $ 500.

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Photos: The Tiny House Company