A small room with twins

If I were not going to starve myself, I would just kids' room ! It's all so cute and fun that even leaves work lighter! And then when you find a project as inspiring as this, we share, almost out of moral obligation. Design is of the office girls BMG Architecture . This is a unisex room for a couple of twins. The wallpaper was the starting point for the development of this project, all in black and white and with a touch of green, which not only broke the sobriety of this classic color palette, but served as the north for the rest of the decoration. The touch of orange present on the cushions and some other objects, along with the texture of the wood of the furniture, brought to the environment more life and coziness. For the furniture, instead of a conventional cabinet, the office has created a bench with drawers and instead of bedside tables have designed a lower chest of drawers with several drawers, so storage space is not a problem! The silhouettes of little houses compliment the playful and entertaining tone of the space!

1-bedroom-child-twin-unisex 2-bedroom-child-twin-bed-cottage 3-bedroom-child-twin-bed-cottage-detail 4-bedroom-child-twin-unisex 5-bedroom-child-twin-bed-cottage-detail 6-bedroom-child-twin-unisex 7-bedroom-child-twin-unisex 8-bedroom-child-twins-detail 9-bedroom-child-twin-bed-cottage

pictures: BMG Architecture - Photographer Kelly Fuzaro
seen in: Valentina's house