An apartment that perfectly combines the industrial style with the Scandinavian way of decorating

It was thus, seeking inspiration, that I House 100 Architecture , led by architects Diogo Luz and José Guilherme Carceles. Their portfolio is incredible! In particular, we highlight this beautiful apartment of 65sqm which fills our eyes and has a lot, but much nice solution! On the face, we can see how the project tends to value comfort, using neutral environments and natural finishes. One can clearly see both elements of the industrial style, as well as some Scandinavian inspirations in design.


The neutral tones, the wood and the burnt cement are elements that bring unity to the spaces. As the property is not very large, the continuity of the floor throughout the apartment helps in the sense of spaciousness of the space and the apparent concrete slab with the electric pipes in sight gives all the charm for decoration, without needing much effort. Still to help in the amplitude of the space, the kitchen , integrated into the room, was equipped with a gray countertop that, besides serving for the meals, accommodates the panel where the TV was installed. Shelves that have been attached to the ceiling with copper structures, as well as helping in the decoration, also create more storage space. Already the bedroom, is located behind the closet, and repeats the industrial style present in the rest of the apartment. The headboard is a wooden panel and, above it, kitchen-like shelves have been installed. But it is worth mentioning, one of the most creative solutions I found is in bedroom lighting, made with galvanized tubes and pipes. Just awesome!

2-room-integrated-kitchen-modern-industrial 3-room-integrated-kitchen-modern-industrial 4-balcony-hiding-machine-air-conditioning 5-cocina-americana-concrete-industrial 6-cocina-americana-concrete-industrial 7-panel-partition-room 8-room-integrated-kitchen-modern-industrial 9-balcony-integrated-living-room 10-closet-and-suite-with-wood-and-concrete 11-closet-and-suite-with-wood-and-concrete 12-suite-modern-colors-neutral 13-suite-modern-colors-neutral 14-lighting-great 15-lighting-great 16-suite-modern-colors-neutral 17-suite-modern-colors-neutral 18-bathroom-suite-subway tile 19-bathroom-suite-subway tile 20-bathroom-suite-subway tile 21-washbasin-with-mirror-round

Photos: House 100 Architecture - photographer Gui Morelli