An incredible apartment in the form of a library

There is nothing more customizable in a decoration than a beautiful bookcase ! The books show our interests, preferences and show our personality to everyone. So when we find a project where the books stand out, I'm already very excited. The design of this beautiful apartment, which is in São Paulo, is the architect's Tania Lousan Eustaquio . We can already see that the integration of environments has been done in a creative and versatile way. We hardly see walls! In their place, there are sliding doors, shelves and panels that allow or not this integration.


Notice how bookshelves are present in several places in this integrated environment, which turns this beautiful, natural-lit apartment into a beautiful library. The shelves also give unity to the space as a whole. This integration still happens with the kitchen which, incidentally, is a show the part in shades of gray, white and blue. The blue repeats and extends into the bathroom in the form of ceramic tablets. Warmth and personality are the keywords for this beautiful project full of life!

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Photos: Tania Eustaquio