Apartment explores the contrast between rustic materials and modern decor

There are projects that enchant us and there are projects that make us want to change our whole house, do not we? This is the case of this beautiful apartment, designed by the Asenne Architecture . This design is a compilation of several beautiful and super creative ideas! So, take a deep breath, prepare yourself and run this post down! Beginning with the living room, which is divided into dining room, living room and home theater. It has a wooden panel that unifies all these environments and with a large sliding door that gives access to the kitchen. The kitchen is small, however, super functional where the charm is due to the treadmill of hydraulic tiles. The balcony was fully integrated into the internal area and turned into a cozy and cheerful intimate room! However, the icing on the cake of this project, in my opinion is the double room, where the architects bet on sober and neutral colors. The headboard in leather is the highlight, along with the walnut panel that covers the bottom of the closet closet and houses TV equipment. Already the two bedrooms of child, if you are not mentally prepared, be safe! They are two things, one in shades of pink and the other in shades of blue, for two very lucky little girls!

1-rooms-integrated-table-dinner 2-rooms-integrated-dining-table 3-room-dining-panel-wood 4-rooms-integrated-panel-wood 5-integration-living-kitchen 6-room-of-tv-wall-black 7-room-tv-wall-black 8-room-tv-wall-black 9-room-tv-wall-black 10-balcony-with-tv 11-kitchen-black-and-white-tile-hydraulic 12-kitchen-black-and-white-tile-hydraulic 13-kitchen-black-and-white-tile-hydraulic 14-kitchen-black-and-white-tile-hydraulic 15-details-circulation-footer-high 16-Bedroom-Double-Head-Leather 17-Bedroom-Double-Head-Leather 18-bedroom-double-panel-tv 19-bedroom-double-panel-tv 20-bedroom-double-wall-cabinet-tv 21-bedroom-blue-child 22-bedroom-child-blue 23-bedroom-blue-child 24-bedroom-child-blue 25-bedroom-child-pink 26-bedroom-child-pink 27-bedroom-child-pink

Photos: Asenne Architecture - Photographer Mariana Orsi