Author: Felicia Garcia

Who has never had a lack of space problem, has he? And when you need two environments to share the same space, without much conflict and not much   […]

Different rooms for the same person or many people for the same room? This was the first question asked to our friend in the rooms below. Depo   […]

There's always that space under the stairs, which we see around here, which is now a toilet (who has never been in a house with the toilet under the stairs?!), now a   […]

Look what a nice idea, which was presented on the website of OODA - Portuguese architecture office - but that seems a bit dangerous, mainly   […]

The cushions, besides helping in the comfort and cosiness of an environment, can, yes, bring charm and a differential to an unsightly room. Diversify in   […]

The best perfumes say they come from the smaller bottles, so, do the best ideas also come in the smaller boxes? Well, true or not, this is what should   […]

The DIY acronym - do it yourself - is enough to get the attention of many people. However, just so you do not risk not to cha   […]

Whether we like it or not, we always come back to our favorite subject: how to save space? Actually, better than saving is how to make that space that you   […]

The shelf, besides functional, can be beautiful and, mainly, give a very nice touch to your environment. It does not only store books. You too   […]