Author: Joe Boyd

The puppy will be born soon and it's time to choose how the baby's room will be. What will he need in the new room? As we well know, and   […]

The world is full of good ideas, is not it? And the cooler and more creative the idea, the more it deserves to be shared. The following concept is an idea   […]

Who has never played Lego in this life, has he? After all, it has existed since the 1930s! But its true success began around the 60's   […]

Nowadays, with smaller spaces, multifunctional furniture can, in addition to giving a special touch to your decoration, considerably improve the quality of life. It was trying to explore this conflict between furniture and space that designer Julia Konon   […]

Everyone is already bald to know that almost nothing in life works just like cake recipe. We need to test, invent, make a mistake so we can get it right, right? In the background, with decoration is so too. It is very cool to see an environment arise,   […]

When we live for rent, we are usually more afraid when it comes to decoration. We get more restricted, that's the truth. You can not reform   […]

Fans of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, have you thought about turning a piece of the Shire into a beautiful piece of decoration for your home? This is exactly what the   […]