Author: Joel Lewis

Paper lanterns, in general, cost very cheaply and cause a very beautiful effect to any decor. However, hiring a professional to illuminate you,   […]

Today's project came up with the idea of ​​reusing some existing cabinets in the environment, which, before being a girl's room, was a library / home of   […]

In any kitchen cleaning is very important and secondly, the organization. In fact, it is easier to clean if everything is organized. It helps a lot if we have an organizational system of how to stock the ingredients. Particularly if your kitchen does n   […]

Who, when small, did not love movies with children, animals and adventures? In these types of movies, there was always a tree house or something. They always served as little clubs, where all the children gathered. They were almost always wooden cubicl   […]

Open-air winters pools are home to the most luxurious resorts and ski hotels on the planet. The stunning view only adds to the relaxing experience that hot water, heated to about 30 °, provides. Get to know some of these incredible pools.   […]

A large, spacious bathroom, where we can organize everything, is the dream of almost everyone, is not it? However, the reality is quite different and the   […]

Magazines and newspapers can multiply rapidly, almost by spontaneous generation. So be careful! In the blink of an eye, they're hanging around, giving   […]

So, are you looking for some tips to decorate your kitchen? Today, we will show some concepts that can be very useful when designing and organizing   […]