Author: Warren Lewis

The decor of the double room may seem simple, however there are many care to be taken, after all, there are two people with different needs div   […]

Do you remember the up - Disney movie? This is the coffee table Up, which gives the impression of being supported by a lot of gold balloons   […]

If you are one of those people who suffer from lack of place for your guests to sit at your house, welcome to the club. Be it for lack of space to out   […]

The essential thing to worry about in a room for the boys is with the color (or colors) to be used. Let neutral colors dominate the environment and use vibr   […]

A few days ago, a reader contacted me asking for help with her square room. She sent me some photos of the environment and explained some things to me. As soon as she ordered the measurements of the room, 5.60m x 4.85m, I saw that the room was not so sq   […]

His family seemed complete with only three people, until the fourth member appeared. Now it really is complete. But and now? Your house only has the   […]

The rustic style usually brings a certain warmth to the environment, do you agree? Materials such as wood, stone, natural fabrics help a lot in this role. At the   […]

This rather unusual light fixture was created by designer Alexander Lervik. The idea was to work the dark that is becoming increasingly clear.   […]