Beautiful container houses with free floor plan and rustic façade

Following the line of use of re-used marine containers and the use of low-cost materials, the office Camila Mosque Architecture developed the project of five container houses for rent, with 53sqm each, with free floor plan and fully integrated environments. According to the office, what makes this project even more beautiful is the integration of the same with the environment in which it is, which, let's face it, is breathtaking. The choice of colors, in harmony with nature, and the use of natural materials as a counterpoint to the metal hardness of the container, only makes the design more interesting. According to the architect, the biggest challenge of this project was exactly to work with the use of containers, since it was the first project of her realized in that way. It took a lot of study to understand how the pieces work, how they are structured, where they can be cut, what materials to use for aesthetic composition, etc. And the end result was beautiful!


The biggest advantages of using containers are in the environmental and sustainability area. After all, it is a fast, clean and dry work, not counting the very low water consumption. Comparing conventional masonry and container work, while a masonry house takes ten months to complete, a 150m² container is ready in three months, including all finishes. Of course this all depends on the labor available in your area, but on average it is.


And the biggest draw, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, is the cost of construction, which can stay about 20% to 40% lower compared to a masonry house of the same size and with the same finishes. It is a work that does not need foundation, and depending on the stage you buy this container, nor do you need a mason.


There are companies in the market that already deliver the cut containers, with doors, window frames and structure of the walls, such as plasterboard, MDF, PVC or cement, to receive on the spot the finishes chosen by the resident. Also you can come with the electrical and hydraulic installations built into the wall, or you can come home promptly, just so you can put the furniture inside.


For durability, if the container is well maintained, it lasts for the rest of its life. In general, manufacturers apply nautical or automotive paint, PU, ​​to protect the container. However, it is worth remembering that one of the problems of this type of construction can be thermal comfort. Therefore, provision should be made for the installation of air conditioning. However, there are thermo-acoustic solutions that can be adopted and that soften this problem, like the use of covers to form eaves, which protects the frames and creates an air mattress, which greatly improves thermal comfort.


What many people do not know is that the biggest concern should be with the infiltration of water inside the house, so some care must be taken, especially in the coverage. Another warning is the need to take certain care when cutting the container because the base and ceiling can get very soft. If the idea is to open an entire side, you need to put an inverted steel beam in place to restructure it. But this beam can cost almost the value of the container, so it is worth thinking and studying which solutions to adopt so that no regrets arise or unforeseen in the post work.

6-terrace-balcony 7-set-house-container

Photos: Camila Mesquita de Macedo - photographer André Nazareth