Beautiful small apartment with contemporary and minimalist decoration

According to the architects of Geometrium Interior Studio , the initial idea for the project of this beautiful apartment of only 36m² was to create a clear, well-lit space, without very vivid colors and with elements that combine natural materials such as wood, marble, etc. It was a requirement of the client to minimize the number of furniture in the apartment to visually save the amount of information space could have. So all unnecessary items were planned to be taken to the closets where they could be out of sight. Functionally, the large social area ( kitchen - living room) and sleeping area. For the materials of finish, were used massive planks, placed in fishbone, porcelanato that imitate marble and natural marble. Materials that are repeated throughout the environment to create a visual unit throughout the apartment space.


The main task was to leave the room in more evidence than the kitchen. So it was made almost in that niche, made up of white cabinets that lay all around. In this way, the kitchen is not perceived as a separate furniture item and maintains the innuendo of the space. The luminaires on the balcony of the island are made of an absolutely different material from any other employee in the project, which makes them have a role of transition between living room and kitchen, and bring life to the interior.


From the living room area, we entered the sleeping area. The idea is for the customer to keep the room always with the door open. The door, in this case, is more decorative than functional, but if it needs to close for some reason, it has that option. The bed is placed on top of a small stage and the bedside wall is made with the same wood placed on the floor.

3-room-small-room 4-room-small-room 5-room-tv-color-clear 6-kitchen-american-white-and-wood 7-room-tv-color-clear 8-kitchens-white-and-wood 9-room-and-kitchen-integrated-quite-lighting-natural 10-room-tv-color-clear 11-integrated environments 12-room-and-kitchen-integrated-pretty-lighting-natural 13-niche-detail 14-niche detail 15-floor-apt-1-bedroom

images: Geometrium Interior Studio